The Duo-Flo canoe stabilizer

The Duo-Flo canoe stabilizer renders your boat stable and uncapsizable, so you can canoe safely. You can do so many things without fearing that your boat will capsize, even fly-fishing!

Most canoes that are 14 feet or smaller are quite unsteady, which limits how much mobility you have when using your canoe. This is where the Duo-Flo becomes a major asset because it will balance your small canoe and even make it feel more spacious.

When you’re out on bigger lakes, the risk of encountering big waves is high, but the Duo-Flo will greatly increase your safety. Not only will it render your boat impossible to capsize, it will also add buoyancy. Even if the boat is full of water, it will stay upright and above the water.

Fast and easy installation

Fasten the floats to the expandable bar with screws. For permanent installation, use the lock washers.

Attach the Duo-Flo to your boat’s yoke using the straps, making 2 turns around the yoke for added stability.

Manufacturing the canoe stabilizer

The Duo-Flo canoe stabilizer is made of durable, lightweight and resilient materials, which makes it a high quality product. Plus, all of its parts are manufactured and assembled in Québec.

The Duo-Flo comes assembled

This means it is ready to use. Simply attach the floats to the expandable bars and fasten them to your canoe.


The Duo-Flo has:

2 u-shaped aluminum bars that are lightweight and durable

1 double u-shaped aluminum bar that is lightweight and durable

Adjustable model available

2 rotomoulded polyethylene floats with a durable and resistant drain plug

4 screws and lock washers for attaching the floats to the expandable bars

2 microcell pads to prevent damage to your boat’s hull.

2 nylon straps to attach the Duo-Flo to the yoke of your canoe

A user manual with all the instructions you will need to install the Duo-Flo

The Duo-Flo canoe stabilizer in pictures